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Your Total Guide For Choosing The Color Of Roofing Shingles

By August 24, 2021 No Comments

There is a list of important parts of home exteriors and roof is one of them. By choosing colors that reflect your own fashion taste can ensure that not only your home looks beautiful but matches your personality as well. Roofs are meant to last longer in comparison to any other part of home. Hence, it is essential that all decisions regarding the roof are taken by taking into account all plethora of different factors which affect it. For example, the color of the roof. Keep on reading and find out how to choose color for your roofing which gives you home an amazing outlook.

Choose A Color That Matches Color Of House

This is like tip #1, it is shingle on your roof which should contrast with siding material, also they should blend in with different features of your house. For example, if you want to go for something traditional, then it is recommended to stick to colors like gray, brown and maybe black. Make it sure that you get a contrasting pop of color, you can also go for something reddish-orange or lighter colors as well. Well, there is no restriction to what you can choose, you can easily incorporate a mix of colors for an effect.

Gradient Combination Strategies 

  1. For white, gray, yellow or blue colored houses, choose gray or black singles for stately-looking contracts.
  2. While your house is colored or has red/yellow bricks, then try something black/brown shingles.
  3. If there is a house that has natural siding, for example, stone then opt for tan shingles.

Architectural Style And Shingles

Sometimes it is best to take a drive around your neighborhood and catch an idea of what color of roofing is matching best with other home features. Keep in mind, to look for houses that have a similar shape, exterior, and color as your own home. Well, noting down roofing and shingle pairing which appealed to you most can help you in your decisions. Take an example of a ranch house, it might look good with different combinations of color while a Spanish Style home might look good with reddish clay-colored roof shingles.

Cool-Roof For Energy Efficiency

Summer is around the corner, and temperature is expected to reach new heights. It is highly recommended to opt for an energy-efficient roof. With an energy-efficient roof, you will be able to lower the temperature of your attic by 5’c. For example, you live in a warm climate, and if you install this roof then it will help you to lower electricity bills and moreover it will also add years to your roofs. On other hand, you have an option to color your roof white or get light-coloured shingles to reflect sunlight.

Color Rules 

Many times, societies and neighborhoods have local homeowner’s associations. You can get familiar with their rules to make sure that your choice of shingle color does not violate any regulations. Sometimes there are no such rules to follow but considering your neighbour’s shingle color while deciding your own will help you to make an informed choice. In societies, people generally have the same color roofs.

Roofing Contractors In jacksonville fl

Talking to certified roofers who offer affordable roof replacement in jacksonville fl can help. You can take photos of the exterior of your home or take a single sample while seeing contractors in person. For example, you have a picture from a book then it is highly recommended to take that along when meeting roofing contractors. You can easily find a roofing contractor in jacksonville fl.

Design And Shape 

Shingle comes in a plethora of different designs and shapes. Sometimes, it can be quite confusing to choose among many options, therefore, it is suggested to consult with a roofer first. You can ask about scalloping or layering. Using high-contrast colors, for example, gray and cream will help the highlight features of your home.

Clay, Slate, And Wooden Shingles 

Do you want a completely unique look for your home? Believe it or not, today you can easily find shingles in a variety of different materials. Not only shingles are available on local stores but online stores as well. But you should know that asphalt shingles tend to hold up better as compared to any other.

Clay: It is tiles made of clay that often have red or tan color. Clay tiles hold their color for a longer period of time.

Slate: You can cut natural rock and make things shingles. Use these shingles as roofing materials. The shingle made from slate can be quite expensive for many people.

Wood: Shingles that are made from wood often use cedar, redwood or pine trees. Wooden shingles have a natural brown color to them and they are very popular in regions like California and Northwest United States.

Wrapping Up

While it is right to add new roofing and shingle to your home, it is also essential to look into different features to give your home a truly unique look. So, take time to think about what would make those features stand out.


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