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Your Guide On Maintaining Gutter During Heavy Rainy Season

By March 19, 2021 No Comments

Gutters in the rainy season provide a valuable service to your home. It is an essential part of roof maintenance. Also, they channel rainwater off from the roof. And, prevent erosion of the soil around the foundation of your home. Best roofing contractor in Jacksonville Fl shares that gutters prevent cracks in the foundation as well as moisture in your basement caused by rainwater pooling. Gutters protect your home mold, mosquito infestation, and peeling paints.

Good maintenance is crucial. Do not forget to change the gutter when it is a time of maintenance. Your gutter is important to the integrity of your home structure. So whether you are planning to stay in your home for an extended time or sell your home pay attention to keep the gutter maintained to ensure the structure of your home remains solid.

The first thing you need to do before the bad weather comes on is to clean out your gutter. Give them good maintenance. You can hire a professional best roofing and siding company near me to clean your gutter or you can do it yourself.

Here’s a quick guide to DIY gutter cleaning and proper maintenance.

Here's a quick guide to DIY gutter cleaning and proper maintenance.

Scoop It Out
Scoop out the debris in the gutter. You will need to use a ladder to climb up and see inside the gutters. Cleaning or attempting the repair of the gutter from the top. Remember no to clean from the roof. Clean your gutters while standing firmly on a ladder. Follow ladder safety, avoid standing on the top three rungs, and don’t reach past the side rails. Go no farther than your belt buckle. On a ladder use one bucket for gutter debris and another for carrying tools.
Use wire hooks to attach the bucket on the ladder. Ensure that the area below the gutter is clear. Clean out the debris starting draining. The easiest time to clean goop out is when the debris is just a little damp, not completely soaked or dried. Scoop the debris out the gutter and into the bucket.

Flush Gutter With Water
Using a high-pressure hose nozzle wash out each length of the gutter. Working towards the drain outlet from the opposite end of the downspout. This can be a bit of a dirty job. Avoid splashing mud all over your house. If necessary use a scrub brush to eliminate encrusted dirt. In case, water doesn’t drain, recheck the downspout strainer.
If the downspout is clogged, check the drain end. You can Install a small nozzle on the hose, and lock in the full pressure. Then turn on the water and feed your hose up from the bottom of the spout.
If in case the downspout is clean. Then reattach it and flush the gutter. Make sure to clean the downspout strainer completely.

Adjusting The Slope
During the rainy season, you can maintain your gutters by adjusting them to keep water moving towards the downspout. If they are draining slowly then you will need to reposition them.

Add Downspout Extenders
If necessary, if what is not being expelled far enough away from your water you may need to add downspout. Another thing to consider is adding concrete or plastic splash blocks that extend away from the house for at least 4 feet. It is highly recommended by best roofing and siding contractors in Jacksonville Fl.

Look for leaks
Another thing you want to look at during the rainy season is the source of any leaks. This includes the holes in the gutters and cracks caulking in the streams. Also, use a bead silicon sealing to keep the water from getting behind the girder and rotting the board.

The Fascia Board
Check your gutters during the season to make sure they are affixed tightly to the fascia board. Looking at the board, do you see they have dry rot and other damage? When replacing boards, use treated lumber and paint the board to match other boards.

Gutter Spikes
Sometimes the gutter spikes side miss the rafter entirely. It is usually because the spike has just worked away from the hole over the years. It is a good idea to invest in the new greatest spikes so that the gutters are securely fastened once again.

Look at the peeling paint?
Check the gutter during the season. If they rust or they are very old then you must want to think about getting new gutters that are aluminum or vinyl.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, inspect the gutters and rivets on your gutter. Leverage a rivet gun to secure the rivets back into the gutter. You can get new rivets and rivet guns online. Plus, get the best roofing and siding contractors in Jacksonville Fl to keep your gutter maintained.