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Why Roofing Contractors Need Roof Plans

By June 6, 2021 No Comments

A roof plan is a scheme or drawing which illustrates the proposed roof development in the simplest terms. It contains data about the roof structure, from drainage places to ventilation places, to component size, shape and placement. The roof plan is a key part of any housing and commercial roofing project. It can also be used to plan future repairs, extensions or refurbishments.

Use of Roof Plan

One thing they will do is to check your roof after your roofing contractor comes out. This gives them an idea of the materials and the work they need. A basic roof plan can be applied if the project is smaller. This could only be concentrated on placing materials and roof shape. The plan will provide much more detail on every part of the roof for larger projects.

Visuals Roof Plan

A 2D sketch of your top roof will be most of the residential roof plans. Markings and annotations will also be given to draw attention to slopes, ridges and pitch of the roof. The majority of the planned projects are of the same size as the floor plan for the house. In some cases, a roof plan, like a full site plan, will be included in a document.

Plan for Roof Framing

A roof framing plan is also often confused with a roof plan. This plan focuses on the roof structure and support during construction. For complicated projects in residential or commercial situations, roof-framing plans are generally required. It provides information on materials, specifications and additional building information.

Using the Roof Plan Project

Your roof plan will mainly be used for your roof replacement work in Jacksonville, FL during your current project. Any change or concerns you have during the process can be updated. If you don’t know how to read the Roof Plan or have any questions about it, don’t worry. You can help your roofing contractor explain what you do not understand. Please contact Roof Solar¬† if you are looking to do roofing work in Jacksonville. We would be happy to plan out a project with you. Contact us through our website or call (904) 723-4950.

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