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What You Must Know about Shingle Roof Replacement Company

By June 6, 2021 No Comments

Has the shingle roof been damaged to your home in Jacksonville, FL? Maybe the roof had just been installed for many years and it was time for a replacement. Either way, you’re looking for a complete shingle roof substitution, and you’ll have a lot to know about.

Shop Around

The type of shingles you use to replace your old roof, is among the most important things. In the last couple of decades, technology has advanced significantly and while the shingle roofs may once be 15 to 30 years old, you can now find shingles designed to last 50 years. This might mean that only one shingle roof replacement will ever be required.


Year time is also a part of your business here – you should have a team that can deal with your roofing project quickly, avoid unpleasant weather issues that delay the job or cause damage.

Installation type

Up to two layers of thick asphalt shingles can be mounted. If you have only one layer on your roof now, you can save money by having a new layer over the top. It was just as cut and dried as saving a couple of dollars, however. The roofer cannot inspect the substrata for any signs of harm if the old shingles are left in place and new ones are installed above. That means looking in Jacksonville, FL, for items such as water leaks and possible wind damage. There is also a chance that the old roof with a new shingle roof substitution will simply overlay you with bubbles, humps, and other visually disagreeable problems.


Also important is that the roofing company you choose to replace the shingle roof. While the price is based on a large number of factors, you will pay for the roof, including the pitch, type of shingles selected and whether the current roof is overlaid or not.

Right and Certified Corporation

Finally, realise that not everyone creates roofing companies equally. You must choose a business with a reputation for quality work, good prices and excellent customer service. The Internet has simplified the reputation of researching companies and customer feedback.

It is not something to rush to invest in a shingle roof replacement. Spend plenty of time shopping, find your roofer, explain your possibilities and help you to choose the best way forward. We are always here to answer your questions, simply complete our fast contact form and one of our experts will come back to you.Want to learn more about us? Click here to visit our homepage Roof Solar.

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