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What Will Cause Your Commercial Flat Roof To Leak?

By September 27, 2021 No Comments

What Will Cause Your Commercial Flat Roof To Leak?

Weaknesses exist for all roofing systems, whether it is a residential high-pitch roof or a flat commercial roof in make-up. Once moisture starts to drain under the protective barrier, urgent repairs are required or your roofing system must be replaced. Even if there are no visible signs of leakages right now, you need to know something or two about what causes commercial leaks in the roof so that you can prepare better.


Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

While no property owner or manager wants to see a commercial roof leak, you should not overlook the possible damage caused by water leaks. There are various scenarios of how commercial roof leaks can occur and what you can do if you find a leak.


Broken Materials

The most common cause of commercial roof leaks is broken roofing material. A flat roof can be broken or torn down by heavy storms or winds. Although the roofing membrane is fully installed, low-pitch commercial roofs are often more likely to cause damage than high-pitch roofs. They can crack because of dropped gear, foot traffic and waste.


You must ensure regular maintenance and repair of the roof surface whenever rips or pauses occur. If the punctures are not rapidly identified, penetrating moisture can further damage the insulation under the membrane.


Broken Flashing

Flashing is a metal section designed for the corners of your roof or for objects inside the roofing system including fireplaces and skylights. It helps to tighten up these areas and prevent leakage. Other places that flash includes dormers and edges of the roof. When flashing is improperly installed or when a storm or high wind is ageing or damaged, it can start lifting the roof and create space for moisture to enter.


Clogged Gutters

Ideally, a flat or low-level commercial roof should effectively drain water from gutters, scuppers and internal drainage pipes. The drainage systems must be kept blockless, so that your roof does not become too saturated. If your gutters are not regularly cleaned, the water can swim in areas on the roof and allow a better chance of cracks. If rainwater does not drain properly from your roof, make sure that the drainage is assessed for blockage or damage.


General Negligence

If the roof is ignored, a roof leak develops more likely without noticing anyone. Routine roofing inspections are the best way to detect cracks and damages to the roofs and repair them promptly before they develop into major problems and demand a complete replacement of the roof. Make sure that roof inspections are scheduled twice a year and after serious storms.


I hope you now understand the common situations that are leading to commercial roof leaks. Overall, roof flashing and seals on commercial flat roofs, damaged roofing membrane, poor drainage, penetration and pooling water are responsible for dumping leaks. At Roof solar, we routinely maintain commercial roofs throughout Jacksonville, FL to prevent these problems and to extend the lifetime of your roof. Get in touch with us to make an appointment or to inspect, repair or replace your commercial roof!

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