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What To Look For in a Roofing Estimate

By July 20, 2021 No Comments

The first step in budgeting for a roofing project is to get an estimate from a roofing contractor. An estimate is a roofer’s best guess at how much a roofing project will cost.

What information should you look for in a roofing estimate?

Contact information for the contractor – The contractor’s physical and email addresses, as well as their phone number, should be included in the estimate.

List of materials to be used and a detailed breakdown of their costs – A detailed breakdown of the roofing materials to be used and their associated costs should be provided. Keep in mind that roofing material prices may vary depending on your location. As a result, you might notice a difference in the material costs listed in different contractors’ estimates.

Responsibilities of the roofer – The scope of your contractor’s responsibilities and the work description should be included in the estimate.

Start and finish dates – Keep in mind that these are just estimates at this point.

Check for any information about any workmanship or material warranties provided by your roofer.

Estimates vs. Quotes

While some homeowners confuse quotes and estimates, there is a significant distinction between the two. The former is more detailed than the latter, and quotes become legally binding contracts once you sign them. Estimates, on the other hand, are only educated guesses, and as a result, the actual project costs could be 10% to 15% higher or lower than the estimate.

Why Should You Be Afraid of Extremely Low Estimates?

It’s tempting to go with the roofer who offers the lowest price. If the sum appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. Contractors with little experience frequently offer ridiculously low estimates. The problem with hiring them is that they’re more likely to make installation mistakes that could jeopardise the performance of your new roof. Remember: when planning a budget for your roof replacement, don’t get too caught up in the numbers.

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