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Ultimate Roofers Guide With Tips On Choosing Right Color For Home Roof

By April 10, 2021 No Comments

Adorable looking home roofs and windows add value to the exterior of the home.  A home roof covers almost 30-40% of complete home exterior. In other words, the roof matters and plays a key role in your home. Your home is perceived from a street point of view. First, and foremost, it is essential to pick the right shingle color. Do you want to enhance the overall look for your home, perhaps want to give it a new and better look? The key is to get the best presentable looks with shingles and windows. Do not worry, if it is your first time choosing a roof color, if required take assistance from a roofing contractor in jacksonville florida. They are professional and knowledgeable to give the best look to a home.

Keep reading and find out proven tips and tricks on choosing shingle colors to achieve that WOW effect. Highlight the beauty of your home, add more visual appeal, and protect your home from natural elements all at once.

Home Exteriors

Today, it is easy, simple and affordable to get service from best roofing and siding companies near me. They don’t pick color for shingle randomly but follow a complete process. Starting with flooring, cabinets, countertops and walls, everything is given a color while keeping a big picture in mind. All colors from different sections of home need to be in coordination and appealing. This goes the same with home exteriors. Getting a plain dark brown roof can be boring in the long-term if you have dark wood sidings. Choose a brown single if you have beige siding, this will give a mild contrast. You can also select white, for a more distinct contrast

Here is top siding colors and their best match with roof colors: –

1. For Blue color house siding choose from black, brown, gray or white roof color.
2. For Brown color house siding, you can go with colors like green, blue, charcoal, or brown.
3. Siding colors like beige/tan often go well with brown, black, dark green or dark blue roof colors.
4. If you have grey color siding at home then you need black, dark grey, dark blue, dark and or white roof color.
5. For white color siding, try brown, black, green, gray, blue or red color for roofs.
6. You can use black, dark gray, dark brown and dark green roofs for red color siding.

Next, it is essential to know when to use color blends. Asphalt shingle lines often have solid colors and blends. One such example is Landmark shingles which often are of Hunter Green color or just deep green. In contrast, there is a Landmark Blend Shingle which has several brown tones.

To make a blend stay perfect, you can use certain principles. For example: –

1. If siding is plain, then you would need a more blended color pattern to make exteriors look more interesting and appealing.
2. Often solid black roofs on home and dark brown wooden siding create a boring combination.
3. To achieve a good appeal you will need a charcoal base but flecked with greens, tans, and browns.
4. With varied home siding, the best options to go with is brick featuring multiple shades and elegant stone front. You can use varied colors blended in shingles.

Pro Tip: The Key is to achieve visual balance with light and dark shingles.

Wrapping Up

Your home roof can account for up to 40% of exterior home visual, therefore it is essential to focus on it and consider best options. DIY roof installation can be tough and dangerous so ensure taking assistance from trusted roofers near me. Color is a key factor to a good look and better appeal. Remember construction and building material can also vary by geographic location, so you need to ask a question first. Where do you live? Lastly, darker color shingle absorbs more heat and, in some states, light color shingle is advised so to meet environmental codes.

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