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Top 3 Unique Flat Roofs And Their Pros/Cons

By August 24, 2021 No Comments

Today, new flat roofing options are appearing on the market. Well, to be honest, whether they are better than older material or not we will get to know in a moment. Currently, homeowners are looking at three different kinds of flat roofs. Keep reading to find out three unique flat roof variants and their pros and cons.

All three materials have different price tags, although each one would last around 20-25 years.

Here we go…

  1. Modified Bitumen Roof: First one first, it is a single-ply rolled roof which is somewhat similar to an ice-and-water shield. In its new peel-and-stick system; it is safe and easier to use.


  1. Easy to DIY (do it yourself) installation because of peel-and-stick material.
  2. It will contribute to saving more on energy bills.
  3. It is affordable


  1. Not recommended for occupied buildings
  2. Not much of tear-resistant
  3. Rubber Membrane Roof: Made from true rubber namely EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). It is durable, made from single-ply membrane material. Best roofing company in jacksonville fl uses rubber membrane because it can be glued, and mechanically anchored with fasteners.


  1. User-friendly installation
  2. Light material
  3. Easy to patch (if required)


  1. Its standard black material could add up numbers to your energy bills
  2. Vulnerable to punctures.
  3. Built-Up Roof: Also called as BUR aka Built-up roofs are traditional roofs. Roof replacement repair services in jacksonville fl use this one because of its high-quality fiberglass membrane option.


  1. Excellent fire resistant
  2. High attractive for windows and decks
  3. Very Affordable


  1. Very heavy
  2. Messy to install
  3. Not recommended for occupied homes

Final Thoughts

Homeowners could choose from three different types of flat roofs, MBR (Modified Bitumen Roof), EPDM (Rubber Membrane Roof) and Build-Up Roof (BUR). This short guide offers key insights including pros and cons to all three types of flat roof materials.

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