From Laying down the solid foundations for restoring a property to its former glory to creating a final version exactly reminiscent of the earlier structure, Summit Roofing & Solar specializes in restoration services. From minor restoration projects as simple as the reconstruction of a room to major, large-scale level reconstructions, we have insured specialists performing phenomenal jobs. Professional contractors servicing a wide range of areas, we believe that restoration is not restricted to only fixing a structure, but also inclusive of strengthening it and giving it a new life. Marble, concrete, or stone, we restore indoors and outdoors made up of a variety of materials. With cutting-edge technologies and top-notch restoration specialists on board, be it the restoration of an architecture post-fire or water-leakage, vandalism, mechanical failure, or old-age, we are skilled all-rounders covering all aspects of restoration.

We are here to help you fix your property! Our services range from providing minor restoration services to properties such as reconstructing a room, to providing large-scale reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties. You can always count on Summit Roofing and Solar for any type of disaster your home or property may have encountered. We will restore it looking good as new or even better! Our services are across several regions or areas within Florida such as Saint Johns FL, Mandarin FL, Jacksonville Beach FL, Neptune Beach FL, Saint Augustine FL, Ponte Vedra FL, and Atlantic Beach FL.

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