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Preparation Tips for Spring Window Replacement

By June 6, 2021 No Comments

Whether it’s practical reasons that you replace your windows or simply enhance your home appearance, spring is definitely a good time for this project. The season is usually well-kept and is ideal for home improvement.

Here are some reminders to help you prepare for your window substitution project.

Understanding the Window Replacement Process

It helps you to understand the window replacement process, especially your contractor’s approach. This allows you to expect the job realistically and to help you prepare for your home. You can focus, for example, on the preparation of the affected space and the clearing of obstructions by asking your contractors how much space they probably occupy during the job.

However, working closely with your contractor is really important. The planning and coordination between you and the window installer is also required for window substitution. Some companies would like to do most of the preparatory work, so you could also ask about this service.

Important tips on window replacement preparation of your home

Below are certain specific tasks you can do to prepare for the replacement of your home window:

  • Remove curtains, blinds or any window treatments before the arrival of the workers.
  • Make sure to move furniture or other items to a different room in your house near your windows. By moving it in the meantime, you can protect it against damage while the new windows are being installed.
  • Turn off motion sensors and alarm systems connected to your current windows. Talk to your home security company about this and have them reconnect the system once your new windows have been installed.
  • Check the environment and ensure that the shrubs and branches of the tree are cut back close to your windows. Make sure that your window installer doesn’t interfere with these things.

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