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Investing In 3 Tab Shingle Roofing For Your Jacksonville Home

By October 6, 2021 No Comments

In Jacksonville, three-tab asphalt shingles are a popular choice for home roofs. Roof Solar has learned this lesson the hard way. Three-tab shingles give homeowners relief from the financial burden of a new roof because of the lower upfront cost. It’s one of the most cost-effective residential roofing options available, and it has a number of other advantages.

As a result of years of experience installing three-tab shingle roofing in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, Roof Solar knows all there is to know about the material and is constantly abreast of all new developments in the field. If you’re in need of an asphalt roofer in Jacksonville, call Roof Solar right away.

Advantages of Three-Tab Shingle Roofs

Find out why three-tab shingles are so well-liked among Jacksonville residents by reading on.

Affordability and efficiency

There’s no way to win here. Three-tab shingles are the least expensive option for a home’s roof. This is a good deal if you compare it to the value homeowners receive in terms of appearance and finish.


The incredibly low weight of three-tab shingles has made them popular for roofs. If your house’s structure cannot support the weight of heavier materials, this is a great option. The best part is that it’s just the right weight to prevent it from being blown away or compromised by strong winds.

Easy to Maintain

The proper installation of a three-tab shingle roof should make maintenance a breeze. It’s easy to install, and if you ever need roof repairs, you can do so quickly and easily.


The material is 100 percent recyclable, so homeowners don’t have to feel bad about replacing three-tab shingles or their entire roof. It could either be repurposed as paving or returned to the circular economy and used as a component of a new roofing material.

Considering Three-Tab Asphalt Shingle Roofing?

Jacksonville’s top roofing contractor, Roof Solar, will provide you with excellent service, a perfect finished product, and professional guidance every step of the way. To learn more about your home’s roofing options, contact the recommended Jacksonville roofing contractors today.

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