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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

By June 6, 2021 No Comments

The replacement of your roof is a major project and needs to be done immediately. It is possible to see impressive results without waiting for months with the help of a qualified roofing contractor.

Here is a look at how long it takes to complete the process of roof replacement.

Residential tearing, re-shining and refurbishing time required

It takes approximately 1-3 days to complete the average roof replacement process. An expert will come and evaluate the rooftop, write potential problems and start to draw up a personalised property plan. More preparatory work is required on the property before the project can begin.

These are estimates and may take longer for certain projects. This will be highlighted when the expert looks at your rooftop during the first consultation.

In your proposal document, look for a timeline. The timeline is clearly defined before the project commences with Roof Solar  and you’re never out of the loop.

Preparing the Project

The first step is to begin preparing the site. Unless proper and professional preparatory work is done on-site, a roof cannot be replaced. This includes clearing the garden, building a water dump, clearing vehicles from the entrance road, protecting plants and removing waste or surplus materials from the roof before starting.

This is a key step and needs to be taken carefully to ensure that no damage is done.

Before moving on, the team will also take time to talk with the owner. This is done to ensure that both sides are on the same page, and that it is all prepared as needed.

Replacement Process

The replacement process is going to entail tearing off the old roofing from one side to the other. This must be done seamlessly, to ensure that the shingles or surface High-quality materials are used to complete the task.

The team will begin to instal the base and move forward with the drip edge once the rooftop bed has been repaired. These are important steps to ensure that everything is stable and durable. The flashing, the shaft and the ridge cap will be included in additional steps.


The team will ensure that the surface is cleaned after the replacement is done and that the roof is back in its working state. For this part of the process, various tests are conducted from one end of the roof to the other. The objective is to ensure a stable, safe rooftop in line with the vision of the owner.When analysing the newly replaced roof, no stone is left unturned. The objective is to ensure that it is perfect.

For reliable service of roofing

Please take the time to call Roof Solar (904) 723-4950 for more information to learn more about Roof Solar  and the process of corporate roofing. Our experienced and highly skilled roofing experts will be more than pleased to see how a roof is replaced, the cost and the requirements for your particular case.

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