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How Do You Choose The Best Shingle Color For Your Roof?

By September 27, 2021 No Comments

Updating your home these days often involves changing the outside to improve the appeal. While siding and landscape are standard external updates, shingles are an important part of external decoration. Keep in mind the following when it’s time to select shingle colours for your home in Jacksonville.

Color House

Whether your home has vinyl sidings, bricks or stones, when choosing new shingles it is essential to consider its colour. The shingles you choose can be combined with your sides for a smoother flow and a uniform colour. You can also choose a shingle colour that contrasts with your side colour, but you can ensure that these colours do not collide.


What are the shingle tones of various house colours? For example, for a light grey house you could choose black, grey or blue shingles. If your home is white, nearly any shingle colour can be used.


Architectural Style of Your House

Another key consideration when selecting new shingles is the architectural style of your house. Different styles have various colour palettes to choose from which you can narrow your options. For instance, houses in colonial-style typically look better with traditional shingles, such as dark greys or black, and modern homes with lightweight shingles might look better.


Sunlight and Seasons

Sunlight can improve specific colours while others look dull or wiped out, so it is important to take this into account for your shingles. Consider how the sun shines on your roof on a typical day to determine the colours. It is best to consider how sunlight hits your roof during various seasons because it tends to be more difficult in the summer and softer in the winter.


Shingle Color and Energy Efficiency

The colours you choose for your roof shingles can greatly influence the energy that your home uses for heating and cooling. Sunlight is more reflected by light-colored shingles, while dark-colored shingles are usually more absorbed. Shingles with reflective characteristics can help keep your home cooler throughout the summer so that you don’t use air conditioning.


Natural Habitat and Surroundings

The area around your house also affects your shingles’ colour. If your house is surrounded by trees or woods, for example, you can choose shingles of a more natural tone, such as brown or green. If your house has no trees or other greenery in the vicinity, you can choose a less natural colour like reds or blues.

HOA Regulations and Rules

If you live in a neighbourhood or community with a HOA, the rules and regulations should be checked before you start looking at shingle colours. Some HOAs have strict rules on the colour that can be used to protect property values by homeowner’s roof shingles. You can choose a shingle colour based on its rules and regulations after talking to your HOA.

Color Preferences

When you consider all these factors, the final decision is based on your preferences. Once you have a list of the colours, you can choose the one you prefer. Since the shingles of the roof can last for decades, make sure that you are happy with the colour.


Shingle Shapes

When you select new shingles, you have to decide on the shape in addition to the colour you want. You can drive around your area to see the shingles of other houses, like traditional rectangular shapes or more unusual architectural shapes. You can reduce the shingle shape and colour options.


Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Working with a roofing contractor can help you decide the best colour and shape for your house. Contractors for the roofing industry can have samples to show you how certain colours may look at your home. You should work with a contractor in Jacksonville with many years of experience in order to get high-quality shingles for your home and ensure proper installation.


Explore Shingle Color Options

At Roof solar, we help you with our virtual remodelling tool to choose a shingle colour. You can use the GAF visualizer to see how different house types such as ranch houses, modern contemporary homes and split-level homes look at different shingle colours. You can also upload an image of your own home, so you can get an even better idea of how different colours may look.


If you need assistance in choosing shingles, our roofers can help. For more information on our roof installation and replacement services, contact Roof solar in Jacksonville. We can help you to choose a shingle colour to improve your home.

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