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Find Top Tips And Tricks That Protect Your Roof From Heavy Rains: 5 Tricks By Roof Solar

By March 19, 2021 No Comments

Winter is coming. Which means storms, heavy rains, wind, ice, and snow, etc. All of the extreme weather conditions have an adverse effect on your roof. It is important to keep up with roof maintenance all year round. Avoid roof damage, and reduce cost by fixing issues as soon they appear.

During certain extreme seasons, there could be significant damage to the roof. Frequent damage on the roof surface results in small leaks. In the worst case, there would be a large leak. In short! It is important to take the necessary precautions to prepare your roof for the upcoming season.

Let’s take a look at tips and tricks one by one: -

  1. Periodic Inspection: First and foremost, check inside of your premises. You are looking for dark or brown spots, blistering, or bubbling paint on the ceiling. These all are clear indicators of water damage. Ensure to check for damp spots. This step is the start of preparation, take a walk both inside and outside of the home.
  2. Damaged Shingles: Secondly, your roof shingle is your first line of defense during extreme seasons. Check and make sure that they aren’t damaged! Again check for small tears and rips. These small cracks certainly let’s water in. Keep an eye out for signs of damage such as shrinking as well as warping. In case, you’re unsure about whether the roof shingle needs any repair. Get a complete roof inspection from a roofing contractor in Jacksonville Fl Delaying in getting a repair would cost you even more later.
  1. New Shingles: Move out of the home to the roof. Firstly, it is important to consider safety. Avoid walking on the roof. If you are comfortable with heights, use a ladder, and DIY installs new shingles. Otherwise, find the best roofing company in Jacksonville Fl and get a variety of shingles to prepare your roof for the upcoming season. There are quite a lot of options available out there! For example, single ply roofing materials are available at highly flexible prices.
  1. Gutter Checkup: Use gutters[if not already], because without them rainwater will drip off the roof and damage your siding. In case, you are already using the gutter system. Ensure after each rain that gutter drainage stays clean as needed. Forgetting to clean gutters would lead to gutter clogging. It is one of the primary reasons for water leakage in homes.
  1. Chimney And Flashing: Once you have inspected the gutters, tiles, and shingles, now it is time to turn your attention to your chimney. Home chimney is potentially a weak point on your roof. Ensure it is properly hooded during the rainy season. Believe it or not! You don’t want any cracks or weakness in the chimney. Similarly, it is essential to ensure that there is no damage to flashing. Any hole, cracks, and rust would become a cause of leak when left unchecked.

Bonus: Cleaning Hanging Tree Limbs

In case there any tree near your roof with hanging limbs – they are a sign of potential danger. Then hanging limbs tend to gather even more water. The twigs from trees break off during storms. The debris gets stuck into the gutter system and causes a blockage. The blocked gutters are one of the primary reasons for water damage. So, ensure to always trim hanging branches to protect your home.

Cleaning the gutter is an important job especially during spring and autumn. You can take assistance from the best roofing and siding contractor in Jacksonville Fl and get gutter guards installed.

Wrapping Up

Stop pooling water! Without proper slope and drainage, water gets pooled on a flat roof and causes water damage. In case, you notice water pooled on the roof, or a roof leak, damage gutter, or cracks on the roof then get a repair from the roofing contractor in Jacksonville Fl. Periodic roof preservation is a cost-effective method. So, instead of paying more on roof replacement or repair, it is recommended to preserve your roof quality. Go for regular inspection and fix of small cracks before they become big causing more damage.