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Exclusive Types Of Flat Roof For Your Home And Office Premises

By April 10, 2021 No Comments

Among millions of people all around the world, a flat roof is one of the most popular types of roof options. Because it is economical and is produced both for home as well as office premises. Another reason behind why people like to invest in flat roofs is because it offers a wide usable space. You can use flat roofs to install solar panels, air conditioning units and construct your very own terrace garden. To install a new flat roof contact a trusted roofer near me and get premium quality services at affordable rates. It is essential to consider professional assistance for complete, safe and secure roof installation.

Keep reading to find out different types of flat roofs available on market. Compare different types of roof across various dimensions like price, durability, and reliability before making a selection.

List of different type of flat roofs: –

  1. PVC Membrane: First one first, PVC is created/constructed from filament lattice that is called as scrim. It is usually laminated with UV resistant PVC thermoplastic. Today, PVC membrane is becoming the choice of modern home-builders. It is an effective, and stable roofing material. PVC is completely flame-resistant which makes it Class-A rating achiever as compared to other roofing systems. Next, it is flexible and therefore often used in customized roofs. Nowadays the best roofing companies in Jacksonville Fl accommodates custom-made PVC to fit each building. Overall customization also helps in reducing potential scrap and waste. PVC is light in weight and often can go directly over an existing system. PVC is also resistant to most chemicals.
  1. Built-Up (BUR) Roofs: Currently Bur’s are created using hot tar and gravel. You must have seen it in your friend places, it is one of most affordable flat roof systems in the world. Bur’s is made up of three or more layers of waterproof ply sheet. These sheets are placed in sandwich formation in-between layers of hot tar. These layers also include layers of gravel or smooth river stone. The gravel/stones add stability and durability. Bur’s roof type meets higher fire rating, but getting a Bur’s can be a bit messy.
  1. Modified Bitumen: This type of roof uses only one single layer of adhesive roofing material. It is to DIY install this type of roofing         system. Earlier modified bitumen installation process included use of torch, but now you can choose from self-adhering options as well. You can easily identify modified bitumen from its lighter color. It’s light color reflects back the sun’s infrared energy and therefore reduces the facility’s overall HVAC cost. Modified Bitumen is an uncommon preference when it comes to roofs, and it is less durable as compared to other options.
  1. Rubber Membrane: It is a rubber membrane that has been the most popular flat material in history. Perhaps you might know it by the name of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). It is easy to repair leaks in rubber membranes. Rubber Membrane is relatively lightweight and often more durable as compared to any other roof system. To reap maximum benefits many roofers, combine rubber membrane with PVC. Rubber Membrane comes in natural dark color, but you can choose from light color options as well.
  1. TPO: Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO shared many positive characteristics of PVC roofing material. Typically, you will find it in white color, fabricated from polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubbers. As a result, you get a perfectly flat and single piece of membrane. Since TPO is a white-colored membrane it is very good at reflecting sun’s heat and reduces overall electricity bills. It is easy to install TPO and it is an ideal option when there are odd shapes and objects on the roof. TPO is highly bendable and weldable. Also, it is 100% recyclable.
  1. Metal: Today, many window installations companies in Jacksonville Fl use steel or aluminium for windows and roofs. One of biggest selling points of metal is its unmatched longevity. If you install a metal roof properly then it can easily outlive the building that it is installed on. Another key benefit of using metal is that it is lightweight, and you can easily install it over existing material. Metal roofs are an ideal choice for areas of high snow and rainfall. However, you might want to use metal roof only on sloped or low-sloped roof and not for the entire flat roof.

Wrapping Up

Aforementioned is a list of roofs consisting of some high-quality and durable options. There is yet another flat roof type named coating. It consists of high-quality resin-type elastic liquid which dry-off leaving a superior waterproofing and highly durable roof. Roof coating is the cheapest option of all and it comes in a variety of colors.

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