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Check Out List Of 4 Least Expensive Types Of Roofing Material

By March 18, 2021 No Comments

“Buying a new roof, installing, repairing, and maintaining it requires proper planning. Additionally, there is a plethora of variety of roofs available and choosing one can overwhelm anybody. Considering the budget, energy efficiency, installation process, roofing material, and durability are essential. If you are doing all of it for the first time then perhaps it is possible you can use help from the Best Roofing Material For Solar Panels. Their expert assistance can help you pick out the right roofing material.” Jenny Lakema, Interior designer and freelance blogger.

Although there is a plethora of variety when it comes to selecting roofing material – only a few are affordable by everyone. Most roofing material is expensive to purchase. In the end, it is best to select a roofing material that gives value-for-price. This is because once correctly installed, your roofing material can last for over 20+ years. Imagine that!

So, here is a list of four least expensive type of roofing material for you: -


First one first, from a long list of available options on online and offline platforms – it is asphalt single, that is cheapest. In other words, the cost of buying asphalt shingle is very low and you can complete your roof with them without going out of budget. One of the best features of asphalt shingle is that they come in organic as well as non-organic style. In comparison, non-organic shingles are less expensive as compared to organic shingles.

Today you can buy asphalt shingles in many colors. Needless to mention they are highly durable. Asphalt Shingle manufacturing requires hard work and proper guidelines. Since they are vulnerable to ice and high winds. You can also use rolled asphalt shingles as well.


Next on the list is metal material roofs, they are also the second least expensive. Metal Shingles are not new, they have been here for decades. Fortunately, today it is less expensive to buy metal shingles. You can order them online and get installed from the Roofing Repair In Jacksonville fl. Most of the metal shingles used copper, lead or zinc (expensive options). Nowadays metal shingles are made from galvanized steel (cheaper option). Shingles made from galvanized steel are quick and easy to install. But they remain highly durable and cost-effective.


Millions of people choose roofing shingles. These shingles are made from cedar. Believe it or not! Cedar is highly resistant to elements of nature and insects. In a nutshell, cedar shingles do not decay rapidly. Today, you can buy two types of wooden shingles:

  1. Shakes split shingles.
  2. Standard Shingles, mechanically sawn.

It is highly recommended by the best roofing and siding companies near me to use shake shingles.
“They are the best and cheaper option than any other option.” – Felicity Grey, roofing and sliding blogger. In the beginning, their prices were high, gradually, they have reduced and now you can buy them easily.


Lastly, the prices for clay shingles have a broad gap. Clay Shingles look stunning once installed and can easily set a mood. They are often used to give a finish to a décor. Clay Shingles are resistant to decay, insects and will not catch fire. Moreover, clay shingle lasts many decades even longer than wooden shingle.

Wrapping Up

There is another add-on that needs to be made – it is fascia. You can choose from vinyl and wood. It is highly recommended to go with vinyl. Wood can be more prone to moisture. Call today and let us match you with the best Jacksonville roofers for your roof repair or replacement project! From roof inspection to communicating with your insurance company, we make roof repairs easy